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Resident Permit Types

*First application resident permit

*Renewal resident permit application

*Student resident permit application

*Family resident permit application

Residence permit in Turkey-First Application

Steps to follow in order to obtain Residence permit in Turkey for the first time:

1- Legal entry to Turkish lands by Visa or by e-visa or by the free entry visa of 90 days for some countries.

2- For countries that require a visa, the visa must be identical to the purpose of residency:

* The tourist visa is the best, you can apply to the tourist residence for one or two years.

*The Education/Student visa, you can apply for Student resident permit after you get and admission from one of the universities.

* If the visa is a business visa, the person must show the papers of the company that invited him.

* If the visa is a medical visa,  the person must prove his case that is going to be treated here by getting an official statement from the hospital and doctor.

* There are many other entry visas that are not acceptable for residency work, including a festival attendance visa, or a sports visa, among others.

3-The file will be fully prepared and an appointment must be  obtained from the Immigration Department to sumbit the files, knowing that the application must be started  during the valid entry visa days, in case the days are expired and no date is taken, the person’s presence will become illegal on Turkish lands.

-We have fast processes  as well for resident permits that only take few days, you can contact us for more details.

Residence permit in Turkey- Renewal applications

The residence is renewed in the same way as the application for the first time, or you can renew it by changing the goal of residence to one of these goals:

* Marriage to a Turkish person.

* Working for a company, or opening a company.

* Buying a property.


In general, the person coming to Turkey prefers to find work or even buy a small property, to ensure that he remains smooth in Turkey

Residence permit in Turkey-Student applicaiton

Students who have obtained university admissions in Turkey can reside in Turkey and renew until the period of study at the university ends, and if they want to stay in Turkey after the end of the study, they can Switch to tourist residency for the first time.

to get a university admission, you can contact us and inform us which section would you like to study and for which degree..

Residence permit in Turkey- Family application

A family residence permit can be obtained through one of the following conditions:

1- One of the spouses has Turkish citizenship: the other spouse can obtain family residence for a period of three years, after that he/she can obtain Turkish citizenship.

2-One of the spouses has a working residence permit in Turkey: here the other spouse and children can obtain family residency relying on their father’s work residency, the company papers in which he works, and the financial income that comes to him.


Here it is possible to renew easily if he is still an owner of the Work Permit..

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