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Who has the right to establish the company in Turkey?

Every foreign citizen has the right to establish a company in Turkey, by providing a valid passport and a tax number extracted from the Tax Department or a tourist residence.

What are the papers required to establish the company in Turkey?

  • The name of the commercial registry
  • Address of the commercial registry
  • Partners information: passport + tax number + tourist residence
  • The company’s commercial capital
  • Commercial activities that this company will do

What are the conditions for establishing the company in Turkey?

After collecting all the papers necessary to establish the company, we go to Notre to make a permit for our company in order to establish the company and our team registers these papers online then we register the papers in the Chamber of Commerce

What is the period required ?

After preparing the papers and sending them to the Chamber of Commerce, this thing takes between two and four days until the commercial record is approved

What are the necessary procedures after the approval of the Chamber of Commerce?

  • We call the Client and go with him to Notre to obtain signature approval for the company’s manager
  • We extract the rest of the company papers, they are:
    *Tax plate
    *Commercial Register
    *The Commercial Register Newspaper
    *Company Seal
    *Commercial registry events
    *Merchant card.

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