Real Estate Insurance in Turkey & The functions of it

What is this insurance?

Real estate insurance in Turkey or as it is called in Turkish (Dask) is insurance on real estate located in Turkey whether it is residential or otherwise. The Turkish government obligates all property owners in Turkey to extract real estate insurance. Otherwise, they are deprived of many advantages, Installation of water meters, electricity and gas.

The function of insurance in Turkey?

The main function is real estate insurance against earthquakes and natural disasters, including earthquake, earthquake and destruction caused by floods, tsunamis and other natural disasters.

Real Estate In Turkey

It should be noted here that the value of real estate insurance does not exceed 150000 Turkish liras, and this amount is a large amount if we compare the amount of the small amount paid for insurance as the annual insurance price does not exceed 200 Turkish liras for residential properties, Property price, area and location.

Mechanism of extraction of real estate insurance
Insurance companies are generally concerned with extracting property insurance for property owners. There is no particular company better than others in this area, but we always recommend using reputable insurance companies.
The insurance process takes only a few minutes as soon as you submit it to an insurance company.

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